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How URL Redirection Works
If you have a website, you desire to have your URL looks like http://www.YourName.com. But this may be too expensive for the home users and small businesses. So your current URL most likely looks like http://www.YourProvider.com/~YourName. Of course, such a URL is difficult to remember and looks ugly!

We can offer you a subdomain that will be easy-to-remember, looks professional and meaningful! At the same time, you keep using your current service provider and current URL.

If your website address is http://www.YourProvider.com/~John/Music/, we could give you http://John.MusicPage.com and http://www.John.MusicPage.com. You can choose any domain you like which could best describe your website.

When a visitor types your subdomain as either http://John.MusicPage.com or http://www.John.MusicPage.com, we automatically redirect them to your current URL http://www.YourProvider.com/~John/Music/.

This way your visitors will easily remember your subdomain and are more likely to return to your website.

What are the benefits and features?

    • Immediate activation

      Once you're finished with the form and pressed the
"Activate My Subdomain"
      button, your subdomain will be created instantly and you can start using it immediately.
  • Easy to remember

The most important thing on the web is that people know how to find you, especially when you are promoting your website. With your subdomain you can make sure your website will be found.

  • Most accurately reflected homepage content

When a visitor looks at your subdomain, they'll already have known your homepage content.

  • Lifetime Redirect URL

You can keep your subdomain for the rest of your life, even if you change from one service-provider to another or if your target URL changes.

  • Immediate update

You can change your target URL whenever you want. Our system will update your new data instantly.

  • No charges

This service is completely free.

Who can register a subdomain?

If you have a website and you do not like your current URL you should register now! Our subdomains are allocated on a first-come first-served basis, so reserve your subdomain before it gets snatched by someone else.

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